Pax Come in Five Sizes, Each One Perfectly Designed to Eliminate Aches and Pains and Make You Feel Better.   


Eye Pillow
(4 x 10)

Refresh, dream, soothe and energize with the quintessential eye-pillow. Also good for head, tooth, ear and sinus pain.

Neck Roll  
(4 x 25)

Wrap this Pax around your neck to sooth a sore throat or to lessen stiffness and stress. Can also be wrapped on ankles, elbows, foreheads, you name it!

Tummy Pack 
(10 x 12)

The versatile PAX provides on the spot relief. Great for tummy's, knees, elbows, shoulders and chest. Take it to bed with you.


Big Hug
(7 1/2 x 30) 

Drape this generous Pax over your shoulders and melt away the days' stress.   Good for backaches. Wrap it, wear it, lay on it, feel better.

Massage Blanket
(12 x 20)

Cuddle up under this big blanket for maximum warmth. Or try the ultimate relax-your-back experience. (Requires two people) Heat it up and put it on an aching back, massage it in and say aaahhh....

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