Natural Relief from Pain & Stress



Perfectly simple, Pax means peace.

These Pax bring peace and health to body, mind and soul.



Pax are natural heating pads and refreshing cold packs that conform to your body and provide deep and penetrating relief from pain and stress. Heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer, Pax provide therapeutic moist heat and soothing cold therapy, combined with relaxing, herbal aromatherapy. Pax replace uncomfortable ice packs and restrictive heating pads.Pax are filled with all natural grains and herbs. Your Pax will stay hot 20 to 30 minutes on average.


Pax are as beautiful as they make you feel. Pax are handmade from the softest and finest fabrics, and decoratively stitched to create sculpted channels that keep the herbal contents from shifting and provide an even distribution of comfort. Our herbal blends are hand mixed and include lavender, lavender/peppermint, lavender/sage, lavender/chamomile, and chamomile/peppermint .  



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