Exquisitely Handcrafted For Beauty, Pleasure, & Well Being.

Comfortpax are natural heating pads and refreshing cold packs that conform to your body and provide deep and penetrating relief from pain and stress.
Comfortpax are made from soft and colorful fabrics and decoratively stitched with pockets that keep the herbal contents from shifting to provide an even distribution of comfort.

Handmade with love in Venice, CA since 2003

Relieves neck and shoulder stress

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Eye Pillow

Refresh, soothe and energize

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Cozy Pack

On the spot relief from aches and pains

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Big Hug

Perfect remedy for sore muscles

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Massage Blanket

Relax your aching back

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“I must have slept wrong, because I had a terrible stiff neck all day. I could barely turn my head without pain. Finally, I wrapped my Comfortpax Neckroll around my neck and lay on my bed. I dozed off and woke 40 minutes later. To my amazement, my neck was pain free! I love my Neckroll!”

Terese H., Santa Monica , CA

“We’ve been using them for years. A cold Comfortpax is soothing to minor sunburns but my favorite is to snuggle up with my Big Hug on a cold night.”

Linda G., Atlanta, GA

“My daughter and I both love our Comfortpax.  She likes it after playing basketball for cooling purposes and I like it to warm me up at night. Love this product!”

Elissa V., Redondo Beach, CA