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    “I must have slept wrong, because I had a terrible stiff neck all day. I could barely turn my head without pain. Finally, I wrapped my Comfortpax Neckroll around my neck and lay on my bed. I dozed off and woke 40 minutes later. To my amazement, my neck was pain free! I love my Neckroll!”

    Terese H., Santa Monica , CA

    “We’ve been using them for years. A cold Comfortpax is soothing to minor sunburns but my favorite is to snuggle up with my Big Hug on a cold night.”

    Linda G., Atlanta, GA

    “My daughter and I both love our Comfortpax.  She likes it after playing basketball for cooling purposes and I like it to warm me up at night. Love this product!”

    Elissa V., Redondo Beach, CA