How Comfortpax Work

Hot packs enhance circulation and help muscles relax and unstiffen. Pain from arthritis, backaches and similar discomfort often responds well to heat therapy.

Instructions: microwave from one minute to three minutes depending on pax size and microwave strength (caution – do not overheat). Use warm for relaxation, stress and tension relief, fatigue, neck pain, sore muscles, backache, cramps, poor circulation, joint pain, arthritis…use as a hand and foot warmer, or car seat warmer, makes a wonderful bed warmer… promotes sleep. May also be heated in a conventional oven. Wrap in aluminum foil and warm at 200 degrees for 20 minutes

Cold packs can reduce swelling and are the choice directly following a sprain, strain or other muscle injury.

Instructions: chill in a plastic bag in freezer for cold relief. Use cold for headaches, migraines, fever, sinus relief, toothaches, bumps and boo-boos, sports injuries, hot flashes, eyestrain and puffiness…makes a wonderful pillow cooler…promotes sleep.

ComfortPax are filled with all natural ingredients using hand-blended, healing scents….

Aromas trigger responses in both mind and body. The nose sends signals to the brain, which produces chemicals that elicit moods and physical responses.

Lavender: For Relaxation, Soothing and balancing, promotes sleep, relieves headaches, opens sinuses.